Create a report

Money can generate reports for you based on the information in your accounts (A group of transactions in Money for a single bank, brokerage, retirement, loan, or credit card account. Accounts can also track assets such as houses or vehicles, or investments that you want to watch but do not own. See also watch account.) .

Use the Essential Reports (Essential Reports are simplified financial reports that Money creates automatically based on the financial information in your Money file. Essential reports include spending by category, net worth, and credit card debt. ) in Money to create reports that track your budget, credit card debt, net worth (The value of everything owned by you or your business, minus any of the values of any liabilities.) , and spending.

Use the Advanced Reports (Advanced Reports in Money provide in-depth financial reporting and customization, based on the information in your Money file. Advanced Reports include account balance history, net worth over time, and loan amortization.) setting if you need more detailed and complex reports, including net worth over time, performance by investment account, and income and spending comparisons.

To view reports:
  1. Near the top of the Money window, click Reports.
  2. Click the report you want to view.


  • In some reports, you can select from a list to quickly customize such items as the date range or categories.
  • If a report requires information that you haven’t yet entered, Money shows you where to go to add the information.
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Create a report