About Essential Reports

Essential Reports provide an overview of your spending and income patterns, in basic reports that are easy to interpret and contain the essential financial information most people need. You can see at a glance how much you spent on groceries last month or how much you paid to the plumber. A monthly overview wraps up the important details in one report.

Essential Reports include the following:

  • Spending by category or payee. See how much you spent in specific categories or to individual payees.
  • Monthly budget. Compare your actual spending to your budgeted spending.
  • Net worth. See how your assets stack up against your liabilities.
  • Credit card debt. Track how much you owe on your credit cards.

To determine whether you’re using Advanced or Essential Reports, near the top of the screen, click Reports, and then look for the Essential Reports or Advanced Reports label in the upper-right corner.


  • You can view most Money reports as a simple list, a bar chart, or a pie chart. To change the view for a chart, in the left pane, click Change view, and then select the view you want.
  • To see exact dollar amounts on graphical charts, pause your mouse pointer on the category or payee you want information about.
  • To analyze detailed financial reports and see more specific information about your financial position, switch to using Advanced Reports.
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