Create a backup of your Money file
You can make a backup copy of your Money file (A computer file that stores the information that you enter into Money. A single Money file can contain many accounts, so if you have a new account, bank, or brokerage, you can add those accounts to the Money file that you already use.) in case your main Money file is lost or damaged.

  1. On the File menu, click Back Up.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen.


  • You can set Money to automatically create a backup file every time you close Money. Automatic backups are turned on by default.
  • Just in case something happens to your computer’s hard disk, it’s a good idea to periodically save backup files to a CD, DVD, or a floppy disk.
  • By default, Money saves your backup file in the same folder where you have saved your main Money file. If you are using Windows Vista, there are some directories on your hard disk that are restricted-that is, you cannot save files to those locations. If you want to select a different folder to store your backup file in, be sure to select a location that is not restricted, such as your Documents folder.
Microsoft Money arrowbluedown Create a backup of your Money file

Create a backup of your Money file