Delete an investment in the Portfolio Manager
Deleting an investment actually removes information from your portfolio. To keep your records complete while accurately reflecting your current investments, close the position (set your holdings equal to zero) instead of deleting the investment.

To delete an investment:
  1. Go to the Portfolio Manager.
  2. In the account containing the investment you want to remove, right-click the investment name, and then click Delete.

    This deletes the investment from the selected account, not from the entire portfolio.


  • You can stop displaying investments that you no longer own without deleting them from your portfolio. In the left pane, under Other tasks, click Change portfolio settings. On the Display tab, clear the Show closed positions check box.
  • To remove an investment from your entire portfolio, instead of from just one account, you must first close your positions in each account where you hold the investment. Then, in the left pane under Common tasks, click Work with investments, click Delete an investment from all accounts, and then select the investment in the list.
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