About using Money online and offline

Microsoft Money is designed to help you stay current with your finances. Because the Internet is often the most current source of information, many of Money’s features depend on online access. With Money and an Internet connection, you can:

  • Get automatic updates of your accounts.
  • Pay bills online with online bill pay.
  • Track spending in your favorite budget categories.
  • Get updated stock quotes, interest rates, and investment (Assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, or other items purchased for expected favorable future returns. ) details.
  • Use the online Help system.

If you are not always able to connect to the Internet, you can use Money offline. Any account information that has been downloaded prior to starting Money will be available. When you are offline, you can also enter adjustments ((Essential Account Register only) A payment or deposit that has been made but hasn’t yet cleared the bank. The adjusted balance shows how much will be in your account after payments or deposits clear the bank. ) to your accounts, use budgeting features, and more.


If you have been working offline in another program, such as Windows Internet Explorer, Money may not detect that you have connected to the Internet to use Money. If you get a message that says the content is not available offline, click Connect to begin working online.

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About using Money online and offline