About the home page

The Money home page has two views you can use to look at financial information:

  • My Money contains information directly related to your personal financial picture, such as favorite accounts (The accounts that you use most often and want to be able to access quickly, such as your checking account. ) and the Spending Tracker. You can customize this page to include as many or as few areas of information as you want. For example, you can customize it to include your investment performance, progress with a debt reduction plan, or financial news.
  • MSN Money News contains general financial news and information brought directly to you from MSN Money. You’ll find an update on the market, financial headlines from major news services, and articles written by experts especially for MSN Money.


  • To go to the My Money page, click Home. To see the MSN Money News page, in the upper-left corner of the My Money page, click MSN Money News.
  • To customize the My Money page, click Customize content or layout in the upper-right corner. To learn more, see the related topics below.
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About the home page