Troubleshoot the Debt Reduction Planner
If you have Apays (Automatic payment. A type of electronic payment for which you set up the payment amount and payment frequency only once, and the payment is sent as scheduled until you cancel it. Monthly mortgage or rent payments are good candidates for Apay because they are generally the same amount every month.) set up in the Bills area for an account that you want to include in your debt plan, you may need to take action to avoid scheduling the payments twice.
Do one of the following to avoid duplicate scheduled payments:
  • Follow these instructions to cancel an automatic payment.


  1. Click Planning, click Planning Tools, and then click Debt Reduction Planner.
  2. If you see the Continue button, click it to display your debt reduction plan or to create a new plan.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Next until you see the Take action and reduce your debt page.
  4. Clear the check box for the debt payment, and then click Yes in the warning message that appears.


When you enter a debt in your debt reduction plan, Money assumes that interest starts accruing immediately, so the minimum payment reflects the interest that will accrue until the payment date. If you have not entered an interest payment because you don’t owe any interest during the first month of using the debt reduction plan, the plan will automatically adjust your total balance on that debt.

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Troubleshoot the Debt Reduction Planner