About reallocating funds in your budget


The steps in this task depend on whether you’re using the Essential Budget, the Advanced Budget, or the Savings and Spending Budget. To find out which budget you’re using, look for the Essential Budget, Advanced Budget, or Savings and Spending Budget label in the upper-right corner of the Budget summary page.

If you are using an Advanced Budget (The Advanced Budget option in Money gives you more detail and long-term planning tools. You can break your expenses into categories and subcategories, set up and access multiple budgets, track irregular or one-time expenses, reallocate funds from one budget category to another, and set savings goals. ) and need to cover unexpected budget shortfalls, you can reallocate funds between budget categories. For example, if you exceed the amount in the current month’s Automobile: Repair category by $100.00, you can reallocate $100.00 from next month’s Automobile: Repair category, or you can choose to reallocate $100.00 from the current month’s Clothing category. Either way, you avoid dipping into savings to cover unexpected expenses and your budget evens out over the course of the year.

Reallocating funds between categories doesn’t permanently change your budget. To permanently change one of your spending categories, you must edit your budget.

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About reallocating funds in your budget