About your bank’s online bill payment service
Many banks provide an online bill payment service that you can use in Money. Go to your bank’s Web site to find out if it provides this service.

You must first sign up for online bill payment with your bank before you can pay bills online in Money. If you set up an online account in Money by using the sign-in information from your bank, all the services associated with the account are automatically set up, including online bill payment.

With online bill payment, you can do the following:

  • Make online payments to anyone that you’d normally pay by check.
  • Keep 60 days of payment history in one place.
  • Schedule your bills to be paid on the date they’re due.
  • Set up automatic payments (Apays) (Automatic payment. A type of electronic payment for which you set up the payment amount and payment frequency only once, and the payment is sent as scheduled until you cancel it. Monthly mortgage or rent payments are good candidates for Apay because they are generally the same amount every month.) for bills with fixed due dates and amounts.
  • Store information about all of your payees online.
  • Transfer funds between any of your online accounts.


Online bill payment features vary, depending on your bank. Some banks don’t support online bill payment in Money, but they may allow you to pay bills from your bank’s Web site instead.

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About your bank’s online bill payment service