About Advanced Bills

Advanced Bills offers all the basic features of Essential Bills, plus additional features that provide you with more detailed control over your bills, bill tracking, and bill payment. Note that Advanced Bills does require additional setup and management time.

With Advanced Bills, in addition to using all of the Essential Bills features, you can:

  • Add recurring deposits, transfers, paychecks, and investments. You’re not limited to tracking just the money you pay out.
  • Edit a single bill occurrence. Sometimes you need to change just one bill in a series. With Advanced Bills, you can change the payment amount for one bill at a time.
  • Make electronic transfers. Set up automated transfers between any accounts you track in Money.
  • Specify when a bill series will end. Set up an end date for any recurring payment and then forget about it.
  • Print checks. Save time when paying bills. Print multiple checks at once, and use them just as you would personal checks purchased from your bank.
  • Save draft payments to send later. Missing some bill details? You can still save a draft payment and finish it later.


  • To determine whether you’re using Essential or Advanced Bills, look for the Essential Bills or Advanced Bills label in the upper-right corner of the Bills summary page.

  • If you prefer a streamlined approach to bills, use Essential Bills for basic bill tracking and payment options. To learn more, see the related topics below.
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