Merge duplicate accounts
Your Money file (A computer file that stores the information that you enter into Money. A single Money file can contain many accounts, so if you have a new account, bank, or brokerage, you can add those accounts to the Money file that you already use.) may contain two versions of some accounts (A group of transactions in Money for a single bank, brokerage, retirement, loan, or credit card account. Accounts can also track assets such as houses or vehicles, or investments that you want to watch but do not own. See also watch account.) . This can happen if the account number has changed (which may prevent you from receiving online updates (Services provided by your bank or brokerage for common banking tasks, such as paying bills, over the Internet. ) as expected) or if you were updating an account manually and then set up the account to use online updates. It’s a good idea to merge these accounts so that all of your account information is contained in the same place.

  1. Click Banking, and then under Other tasks, click Merge duplicate accounts.
  2. In the corresponding Merge box, select the account(s) you want to merge.
  3. When you’ve selected the accounts you want to merge, click OK.
  4. Open the merged account, and then resolve any duplicate transactions.


  • You can merge each account only once.
  • To merge two accounts that use an online bill pay service, both accounts must use the same online bill pay service.
  • You cannot merge an investment account (A brokerage account, retirement account, or other account in which you hold investments. You track individual investments, such as stock purchases, in the associated investment account. ) that contains unreconciled transactions.
  • You cannot merge a personal account with a business account.
  • If you merge investment accounts, Money keeps positions from the online account, but all of the transactions related to those positions will be deleted. After you’ve merged the accounts, you can download up to six months of transactions.
  • When you merge banking or credit card accounts, Money keeps all of the transactions from the account you set up manually, and then copies all the transactions from the online account starting from the date of the latest transaction in the manual account. For example, if the latest transaction in the manual account was from 9/22, Money copies all transactions from 9/22 to the present. Any transactions older than the most recent date will be deleted.
  • If this method of merging accounts fails, try merging the accounts manually.
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