Forecast how much money you’ll have available
Money forecasts how much money you’ll have available over the next few weeks or months, after you pay bills. The forecast is based on information already entered in Money, such as previous transactions, scheduled bills and income, and information in an Advanced Budget (The Advanced Budget option in Money gives you more detail and long-term planning tools. You can break your expenses into categories and subcategories, set up and access multiple budgets, track irregular or one-time expenses, reallocate funds from one budget category to another, and set savings goals. ) .

  1. On the navigation bar, click Banking.
  2. Click Account Tools, and then click Cash Flow Review.


  • Use the options available on the Forecast your cash flow page to change the transactions, accounts (A group of transactions in Money for a single bank, brokerage, retirement, loan, or credit card account. Accounts can also track assets such as houses or vehicles, or investments that you want to watch but do not own. See also watch account.) , or dates included in the forecast.
  • Cash flow scenarios let you see how changes such as a big purchase, a change in income, or other financial changes would affect your cash on hand. To check out different scenarios, on the Forecast your cash flow page, under Common tasks, click Try cash flow scenarios.
  • To learn more, see the Manage your accounts video. To watch the Money videos, on the Help menu, point to Instructional Videos, and then click a title.
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Forecast how much money you’ll have available