About the Essential Account Register

The Essential Account Register gives you quick and easy access to everything you need to know about your current account balances and transactions, without tedious data entry.

Use the register for accounts that you expect to update online, instead of entering updated transactions one by one.

With the Essential Account Register, you can:

  • See transactions and balances at a glance. Your most important information-how much you have in your account, and which transactions have cleared-is easy to find, without extra details or clutter.
  • Rely on Money to do the work for you. Online updates give you the most recent information from your bank or brokerage-no typing required!
  • Keep an eye on your spending. Money automatically categorizes your transactions into broad spending areas and adjusts those categories based on what you’ve chosen in the past. You can also add or change categories.
  • Keep track of transactions that haven’t cleared your bank. If you want to see how a large check will affect your bank balance, you can add it to your account register. Money shows you the current balance that your bank is reporting, as well as an adjusted balance that takes your check into account.

To determine whether an account is using the Advanced or Essential Register, look in the top right corner of your account register. You’ll see a label indicating Advanced Register or Essential Register.


To learn more, see the Manage your accounts video. To watch the Money videos, on the Help menu, point to Instructional Videos, and then click a title.

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