About the Advanced Account Register

The Advanced Account Register is designed for people who enjoy updating and analyzing their finances, and are willing to invest extra time and effort in tracking the precise details of their financial situation. The detailed information tracked in the Advanced Register is typically used for very thorough budgeting, long-term planning, and tax analysis.

The easiest way to keep the Advanced Register up to date is to use online updates from your bank or brokerage. Money will automatically categorize the transactions if it recognizes the payee. You can then add the detailed information you care about. You can also update your accounts by typing in transactions.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your finances, use the Essential Account Register to stay up to date, effortlessly.

The Advanced Register includes the following advanced features:

  • Subcategories. Divide categories into smaller units so that you can track spending at very detailed levels and aggregate the details. An example is breaking out car expenses into gasoline, maintenance, and parking.
  • Detailed manual entry of transactions. Add detailed information on transactions that haven’t cleared your bank.
  • Support for offline accounts. Type in all transactions instead of receiving online updates. (You can use online updates in the Advanced Register, but you don’t have to.)
  • Transaction memos. Add notes to each transaction so that you can track additional information not covered in the rest of the transaction.
  • Itemized (split) transactions. Split a single purchase or deposit amount into amounts for different spending categories.
  • Account balancing. Compare the transactions you’ve entered in Money with those that have cleared your bank.
  • Detailed investment tracking. Track all of your purchases, sales, capital gains distributions, dividend payments, and more.

To determine whether an account is using the Advanced or Essential Register, look in the top right corner of the account register. You’ll see a label indicating Advanced Register or Essential Register.

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